Nutrition Education with 6'5'' Carolyn Moos online or live yoga, weight room, nutrition and basketball skill development

taught by Carolyn Moos
Carolyn  Moos
Carolyn Moos
6'5'' USA Basketball, B.A. Stanford, FIBA/WNBA, M.A. USC, Certfied personal trainer, yoga instructor and nutrition consultant- introduction:

I look forward to helping you reach your goals! I work with clients based anywhere in the world by Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime for yoga, nutrition, weight room training! I also work live for basketball skill development. I work with all demographics and skill levels. I provide youth and elite basketball skill lessons, clinics and camps. I deliver Skype, e-mail, text and phone nutrition services – so clients can be based anywhere in the world and work with me! If you have goals of becoming healthier or more fit, I have the solutions that will work with your needs and will help you get results with an approach that is sustainable for a lifetime. I promote overall healthful lifestyle choices (not drinking alcohol, strategic nutrition and cross-training). Contact me via my URL

visit and you can e-mail with a pertinent subject matter in the title. Let me know how I can help you reach your goals to be fit for living life!

Course Curriculum

Lesson Four- 15 min. Video and text "Terms & Formulas for Health with Carolyn Moos"
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Lesson Five- 17 min. video and text "Macronutrients: quantity and quality with Carolyn Moos"
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Lesson Six- 14 min. video and text "Caloric needs for youth, nutrient needs and eating on the go with Carolyn Moos"
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Sample Nutrition Video 6'5'' Certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, nutrition consultant, basketball skill development
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Lesson 7-Nutrition, Macronutrient profiling, glycemic index, menu plans
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Sample Clip - free demo Nutrition lesson
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